Born  April 21,1959, Tim's interest in art, as a career, did not emerge until high school. Taking additional art classes his senior year at the Morris County School of Technologies, a pursuit of an illustration career began. He furthered his education at Spectrum Institute for Advertising Arts, a small commercial art school which emphasized long work weeks and serious deadlines. It was here, Tim meet his wife Laura, also a student of Spectrum. Together, during summer break of 1980, ventured to Kodiak, Alaska. They worked the salmon canneries in order to pay the following years tuition. They returned that fall a little richer and married.
  After graduation, Tim set his sites on illustrating book covers. Although he had built a substantial portfolio over the years, he knew he had to start from scratch. Tim painted for friends and family to support his dream and build his portfolio. This did not always put food on the table, so Tim held down a number of eclectic jobs. None of them art related. Garbage man, sorry... sanitation engineer, machine operator, power wheel-chair mechanic, construction laborer, and a meter reader for the utility company. These physical jobs allowed him his evenings to relax and focus on his art.
     It took nearly three years before Tim landed his first book cover. The illustrating was sporadic for the following years. In 1985, He teamed up with an agent, who began to make things happen. A cover for a Star Trek computer game began a streak of illustrations that has continued unbroken.
   Over the years Tim has illustrated hundreds of book covers for many different publishers. In 1991 Tim was hired to paint a few covers for a new   children's book series for Scholastic Publishing. Initially the contract called for only four books in the series. These children's thriller stories were called "Goosebumps". The enormous success of R.L. Stines's "Goosebumps" has become the largest selling series in publishing history with over 200 million copies sold. Tim's distinctive covers and characters are recognized by school children around the world and has since gone on to launch it's second revival, "Goosebumps Series 2000".
     And coming in October 2000, is "Goosebumps Gold". The latest incarnation of the goosebumps trilogy is sure to keep readers spell bound. The thirst of the Goosebumps fans for more information made it possible for Tim to release "It Came From New Jersey", an autobiography and "how to" book. The book features color photos of Tim's art as well as some of his artistic fans. This book is a must for any serious Goosebumps fan. Con-stantly approached by fans eager to own a print of on of his originals, the areas of artistic ex- pression most satisfying to Tim is his fine art. A few of these prints are finally available. His current screensaver, Dreamscapes, published by Second Nature Software, is sold world- wide with proceeds being donated to the Nature Conservatory.
     Describing Tim's work as dramatic, exquisit, serene, ominous, exciting and startling just begins to tell the story. His illusions contrasting nature and wildlife, his amalgam of the real and the surreal, and his figurative story- telling pieces are dazzling communi- cated by virtue of the use of glorious color and refined details channeled through a truly  artistic sensibility.

    Currently Tim is living in Budd Lake, New Jersey, where he maintains his studio. His wife, Laura remains his best friend and constant source of sanity. Recently, another Jacobus has been included. On August 14, 1998, their first child Jack was born and is a constant source of  insanity.