The Book series, Goosebumps, debuted in 
1992. The horror stories by R. L. Stine were
launched with little fanfare. They were thought 
to be too frightening for young readers.

  They were wrong.

  The series has rewritten pubishing history. Hundreds of million books have been bought
and read world wide. Publishers Weekly had to change the way 
it charted children's books due 
to Goosebumps dominance over the top ten spots.
  Original Goosebumps was followed by
Goosebumps Series 2000. This collection continued 
the tradition for 2 years and 26 issues. And coming 
late in 2001, the debut of Goosebumps Gold.

  The cover art has given the series a signature look. 
The vibrant images are featured in the sections listed
above. Click and enjoy.